Bike resort Peklák

Bike resort Peklák

Bike resort Peklák

Peklák Bike Resort was established in spring 2012. It is located at the edge of little town called Česká Třebová. Peklák is not a large mountain resort, rather a smallish grounds with pleasant atmosphere and great location, which offers a lot to mountain bike lovers. 

Its trails run on slopes of a small hill. The lack of vertical metres is well compensated with density of local trails, their variety and inventiveness. There are two ways to get to the top of the hill: you can either take the easy way and use the ski lift or ride the 2.5km climbing trail.

Once you get to the top, you can decide whether you want to enjoy 15km of fun singletracks, practice and hone your riding skills on the Pumptrack, in Skills Centre or on jump simulator. Riding straight down the hill is another option. Peklák offers eight tracks and one line for mountain trikes to its visitors. Downhill tracks have four various levels of difficulty, which means that all riders can have fun here, regardless of their skills. One pink track with mild slope is designed for beginners and families, two blue tracks will be attractive for slightly more experienced riders. Three red tracks are designed for advanced and experienced riders and the most experienced riders can take their shot at two black tracks. There are various connecting paths and shortcuts, so it is possible to invent your own combinations and enjoy every ride in a different setting. Peklák has it all: various terrain features (bumps, jumps and berms), sections with roots and stones, however, the most attractive features are perhaps those made of wood. And there are many of them - various north shore features, bridges plus one specialty. A wooden construction of a mill is local “trademark” feature: you can jump from it, or even jump through it! 

Most tracks are about a kilometre long, so it takes only several minutes to ride them to the bottom of the hill. This means that you can enjoy many rides in a day and discover all variations of shortcuts and turns.



New from June 2020 - 15km of fun trails dedicated to the widest public that run on a moderate slope. These are divided into four difficulty grades.

PINK TRACKS - easy tracks for everyone who wants to give this sport a try 


An easy trail for beginners.

BLUE TRACKS - for slightly experienced riders who want to improve their skills


A fun trail without any prominent roots, but with many benches and shaped berms. Its lower section leads into Růžovka trail.


A higher difficulty level of our trails; ideal for riders who have mastered Mechovka and want to try something more demanding. Fun guaranteed to experienced riders, too.

RED TRACKS - more demanding, intended for more experienced riders, full of jumps and features (all of them can be bypassed).


One of our two racing tracks. The top section has hardpack surface and is followed by “Přescesťák” (“Over-the-Road” jump that is the longest on this track, and can be bypassed), a section in forest and another over-the-road jump, though not so long. After the jump, the track goes back to forest, runs over stairs, ventures into Peklák ravine and offers two final jumps. In other words: 800 metres of pure fun!


A playful fun track with the famous Mr. Shit jump and a large “over-the-road” jump. Its lower section runs into Rodeo trail.


This track that is full of jumps runs through the ski slope and connects into Malinovka.

BLACK TRACKS - tracks of the highest difficulty; for very experienced riders only.


A demanding racing track that has hardpacked surface in the top section that is followed by a small jump and runs into the steepest section: Rock Kurve. The track winds left and right through the forest, offers several jumps, another steep section, a bridge, jump over a road, “Paletovka”, another jump, and then it connects into Rodeo track.


A trail that is less aggressive than Rolling Stones; it has hardpacked surface in the top section, the mid section is steep, and the bottom section is rather simple.

SKILL CENTRE - fun for everyone

In addition to tracks mentioned above, Peklák is a place where you can also take advantage of a pumptrack and Skill Centre, where you will improve your jumping skills on a jump simulator. And if you still need more excitement, you can experience what it takes to ride on suspended bridges in the “North Shore” section. 


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Basic information

Location: Česká Třebová

GPS: 49°54’32.638″N 16°25’54.052″E

Region: Pardubický



Phone: +420 731 125 800

Length of the route: 22 km

Difficulty: Very easy – Difficult

Number of trails: 16

Types of trails: Family trail, Singletrail, Downhill, Enduro/freeride, Flow trail, Pumptrack, Climbing trail, Skill centrum

More: Biková sezóna 2022 na našem kopci je pro letošní rok za námi. Moc Vám děkujeme za Vaší podporu, jsme moc rádi, že jezdíte u nás a uděláme maximum aby se Vám u nás i nadále líbilo.

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