Trail of Life Bílé Karpaty

Trail of Life Bílé Karpaty

Trail of Life Bílé Karpaty

Mountain bike circuits and natural single trails for mountain bikers that are located in the vicinity of Bílé Karpaty mountain range. Lučina recreation resort with a large-capacity parking place, a pumptrack and a small skills centre is the point of departure. Local community of bike riders, municipalities of the Strážnice and Horňácko regions together with support from South Moravian Region authorities and Lesy ČR strive to create great conditions for mountain bikers of all skill levels and thus support tourism in the area.

Do you need to get lost? From the hustle and bustle of your city, stress at work, or a landslide of bad news? Well, then you are coming to the right place. You are in the foothills of Bílé Karpaty mountain range, welcome at Trail of Life.

It is a compact network of paths / trails for mountain bikes. They include paths through forests and vast meadows of Bílé Karpaty. Our trails start and end at the information centre in Lučina recreation resort. This means that they are actually marked circuits for mountain bikers that partially take advantage of existing tourist paths and connect into one-way single trails intended for cyclists only. Visitors are obliged to obey regulations of TofL, stick to the Code of Mountain Bikers, and respect all users while riding shared roads and paths. 

Trail of Life offers five circuits that have total length of 130km. The routes are marked, and often run simultaneously along classic tourist paths. We carefully selected them to provide you with great fun on your mountain bike. But do not expect shaped and smooth surfaces and one-way single trails; most often will you ride a forest road, sometimes a narrow path. The terrain and the fact that paths often wind among trees make sure that you will enjoy your ride. Be prepared for plentiful jumps, natural drops and a torso of a fortification wall created a possibility of a wallride on one of our trails, too. But what is more - you can be looking forward to roots, soft soil, and a deal of mud, if it starts to rain.


A brief description of natural singletrails:


Difficulty: Easy, blue singletrail 
The singletrail starts at: Travičná rozhledna lookout tower
Length: 3 km


Difficulty: Easy, blue singletrail 
The singletrail starts at: Travičná rozhledna lookout tower
Length: 1 km


Difficulty: Easy, blue singletrail
The singletrail starts at: top of Bukovina peak
Length: 2 km


Difficulty: Medium, red singletrail
The singletrail starts at: top of Holý vrch peak
Length: 1 km


Difficulty: High, black singletrail
The singletrail starts at: top of the Šumárník peak
Length: 1 km

A brief description of circuits:


Circuit Colour: Blue
This route will present you a typical landscape of the Bílé Karpaty region. It runs via hardpacked forest roads and roads through meadows. While riding it, you will be enchanted by lovely panoramic views and unique atmosphere of Vojšické louky meadows and the sight of Čertoryje national natural reserve.


Circuit Colour: Yellow
A varied circuit that will take you to the Travičná lookout tower that is worth visiting. New trails suitable even for children are located below the tower. Besides that, you can also visit a family winemaker’s from the Tři vinaři (Three Winemakers) project. You will find them in the villages of Tvarožná Lhota and Radějov, just next to the trails.


Circuit Colour: Orange
First of all, the route will offer you a view of flowering meadows with majestic solitary oaks. You will then visit typical villages of the Horňácko region - they are named Malá Vrbka, Hrubá Vrbka and Kuželov.


Circuit Colour: Green
This circuit is where you will admire breathtaking views of meadows and villages of the Horňácko region. The trail uses hardpack forest and meadow roads. It should be a must for all beer lovers, as it runs past the town of Velká nad Veličkou with a minibrewery. 


Circuit Colour: Red
Lovely views of villages in the Slovácko region and perhaps Pálava mountain range - if you are lucky - are the highlight of this circuit. Then it will offer you the experience of remoteness and solitude of our borderland. This circuit is the most difficult. It is highly advisable to take some snack with you and be prepared for mud if the weather changes and it starts to rain.

Basic information

Location: Rekreační oblast Lučina, Tvarožná Lhota

GPS: 48°51’43.333″N 17°23’23.957″E

Region: Jihomoravský



Length of the route: 130 km

Difficulty: Very easy – Medium

Number of trails: 9

Types of trails: Singletrail, Flow trail, XC trail, Pumptrack, Natural trail

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