Trutnov Trails

Trutnov Trails

Trutnov Trails

Trutnov Trails is one of the youngest Czech trail centres, yet it is one of the most attractive ones for bike riders. The location is situated in the vicinity of Trutnov and Jestřebí hory mountains, and its heart is the hill named Čížkovy kameny. Currently it offers about 35 kilometres of natural trails.

Varied and changeable character of the landscape is a huge advantage of Trutnov Trails, just as are beautiful scenic views of the hills and meadows around. You will be enchanted by local sandstone boulders, rocks, forests, meadows and pastures that make Trutnov Trails and its surroundings an ideal place for mountain biking. Trailcentrum in Lhota u Trutnova is the main point of departure, the secondary one is located at the Pod Sedmidomím parking place. While riding local trails, you shall fall in love most definitely with an amazing view from the sandstone cliffs at the Modřínový trail that is the typical feature of the trails. The future holds many new things at Trutnov Trails. Local builders are planning to expand their trails greatly and offer to bikers up to 60 kilometres of trails of various difficulty.

Should it happen that you get bored with riding trails, or you are the type of person who likes to get to see more about the region, you can make trips to the Krkonoše mountains, Adršpach rock city, Babiččino údolí, Žacléř region or Broumov region and spend a couple of unforgettable days there, too. Or if you like, you can enjoy views from some of the observation towers that have been built in the region quite recently. Slavětínská rozhledna observation tower is the closest one, but the others are easily reachable, too.

The potential of Trutnov Trails is just huge, local landscape is breathtaking and the location has very much to offer. If you like trail riding, you should definitely have it on your to-do list during the season.



Difficulty: access trail
So far, the only ascending trails that partially takes advantage of cobblestone mastery of our ancestors, as it runs on an old road built by local nobility. The trail offers an easier alternative that can be ridden in the steepest section of the ascent trail.


Difficulty: easy trail
This is a panoramic trail that will take you from Slavětínská rozhledna lookout tower to the trailcentrum in Lhota. It offers forest sections as well as lovely meadows with views over the Krkonoše mountain ridge.


Difficulty: easy trail
The easiest and most popular trails shall take you from the mythical spot of Kozí kameny via IMBA flow section to the parking lot at Pod Sedmidomím. The trail has been finished also thanks to crowdfunding among mountain bike lovers.


Difficulty: medium difficulty trail
This trail was the first one here. It is a bit more on the rough side, but the most difficult sections usually have an easier alternative that bypasses them. The enjoyable lower Flintstone section has been recently modified.


Difficulty: difficult trail
A rough trail that is as close as you can get to downhill at Trutnov Trails. It includes the legendary Whistler section that is challenging even for skilled riders. Due to the high difficulty, it is possible to bypass the dangerous sections. Local builders recently improved the trail so that it is smoother, safer and more stable.


Difficulty: Easy to medium difficulty trail
A flow trail designed by the company Gravity Logic of Canada that features the trailbuilding legend: Tom Pro. The trail takes you from the edge of Čížkovy kameny to a neverending series of waves and berms and having taken you past Perníková chaloupka (Gingerbread Hut), it spits you out at the edge of Lhota. There you can get refreshed at our trailcentre, though we are pretty sure that most of you will head up to enjoy the Floutek fun again. You can bet that you will love this trail immensely.


Difficulty: medium difficulty trail
A trail that was introduced on occasion of enduro races is now accessible to a wider range of riders, but still, it is a rough and raw piece set in the background of boulders overgrown with moss. It meets Floutek at Perníková chaloupka.


Difficulty: medium difficulty / difficult trail
As the name of this trail suggests, it offers real rock riding. Over and around rocks and boulders and many technical treasures and challenges - rewards for a more pedalling that you have to do on this photogenic trail. It is a great practice trail before venturing out into the legend of TT - the “Whistler section”. The metres you have climbed while sweat was dripping into your eyes are lost slowly here but broad smile of happiness in your face is guaranteed.


In total, this newcomer for the 2020 season is the most difficult trail at Trutnov Trails. Turning off the Modřínový trail, it crosses Boulder. We can give you a written warranty that there is no place for boredom on this trail: when riding over huge boulders, you can have a look at the trail from the perspective of a bird of prey... And maybe you will fly, too.


A purely natural option of the Bunkr Trail. A rough enduro trail crosses the last section of the Bunk Trail in the forest above Lhota. Medium difficulty and heaps of fun on a narrow technical trail.


A trail lap of 1.5 km leads on a rocky ridge over the Úpa river above Adamov; it also traverses the slopes and has an ascent route. This trail takes advantage of old paths that are stabilized in steep slope by stone paving and wooden supports.


This medium or even lower difficulty uses old antifire ditches and roads with farm tracks. It starts at the end of Trail Pod Jeskyňkou and runs over train tracks towards the old paved road. 


This common path for cyclists and pedestrians follows the red tourist path from the town of Trutnov to Poříčí suburbs. The actual trail starts behind the docks and takes you past the power plant to Zákoutí and further to the Trailcentre in Lhota. It is a one-way trail for bikers riding in the direction from Trutnov. Please respect the fact that walkers and hikers have right of way! Thank you. Total length from the the town to the trail centre: 5 km.

Víte, že…?

Everyone can support Trutnov Trails by a donation of any amount that will be used for trail maintenance, or by participating in regular volunteer group work with the ever increasing community of Trutnov riders. 


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Basic information

Location: Trutnov - Lhota

GPS: 50°34’58.343″N 15°57’40.331″E

Region: Královéhradecký



Phone: +420 770 660 610

Length of the route: 40 km

Difficulty: Easy – Difficult

Number of trails: 15

Types of trails: Singletrail, Enduro/freeride, Flow trail, Climbing trail, Natural trail

More: Netrpělivě vyhlížíme bikovou sezónu 2024.

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