Bikepark Špičák

Bikepark Špičák

Bikepark Špičák

Bikepark Špičák is currently the most progressively developing bikepark in the Czech Republic.

It was in 2006 when experienced trail builders Tomáš Lučan and Tomáš Procházka rode local ski slopes and forests for the first time. The first freeride track leading from the top of the mountain was opened a year later. It is revamped regularly ever since, and new, more difficult lines are made, which is a nice exception from the general “make it easier” practice of these days.

Špičák offers a good amount and several options to combine freeride, downhill, North Shore and jumps.

The bikepark focuses mainly on freeride and downhill, however, it also has jump sections, singletrack and skill centre for beginners that is located at the lower ski lift station.

Tracks lead partially through forests and over ski slopes. All of them have wooden features and other fun things. 

The local trail named “Struggle” has hosted the IXS European Downhill Cup event for many years. Bikepark Špičák is the only Czech bikepark that is included into a group of European bikeparks where GraVity Card season ticket is valid. Complex amenities are a great advantage for bikers, and so is the fact that another German bikepark Geisskopf is only about 40 kilometres away from Železná Ruda.



Medium up to high difficulty track: benches, boulders

Length 350 m / vertical distance 80 m


A natural track of low to medium difficulty: a natural trail to enjoy the pleasure from riding; benches, swings, waves, drops, jumps


A natural track of medium difficulty; berms, jumps, and transfers


Medium up to high difficulty; stoney sections at the edge of the forest; drops, jumps


Jump section is located in a forest at the end of trails

4 jumps – bench; 200 m


It has been expanded with a new section recently: jumps and small drops to learn the skills, a place for beginners and children to get familiar with basic skills: benches, waves, swings... All intended for learning purposes and beginners.

You can now take advantage of a single common ticket in Špičák and Geisskopf centres (valid for season ticket only). 3+1 four-day ticket can be bought in both of these bikeparks located in the Šumava mountain range. This four-day ticket entitles you to enjoy 3 days of riding at Špičák, and 1 day at Geisskopf. Or vice versa: 3 days at Geisskopf and 1 day at Špičák. With this ticket, you can save up to 14 % from the standard prices. Moreover, you can pass the cash desk after arriving at the partner bikepark and head directly for trails.


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Basic information

Location: Špičák na Šumavě 182

GPS: 49.166184 N 13°13’11.777″E

Region: Plzeňský



Phone: +420 376 397 167

Length of the route: 5,5 km

Difficulty: Medium – Extremely difficult

Number of trails: 5

Types of trails: Downhill, Enduro/freeride, Skill centrum

More: Aktuálně sezóna 2023 otevřena.

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