Špindl BikePark

Špindl BikePark

Špindl BikePark

Špindlerův Mlýn is one of the most prominent mountain resorts in the Czech Republic, and above it is situated an equally prominent bikepark that is constantly honed and perfected to be flawless by the Czech bike legend - Michal Maroši. 

The cableway in Svatý Petr will transport you to the peak named Pláň which is a starting point for several trails that are varied in difficulty. You will experience rough descents, jumps and berms in open meadows, but also the feeling of what it could be like to ride in Canada, when you will be riding in deep forests. In addition to this, you can take advantage of great amenities at the bottom cableway station where you can relax and enjoy good drinks, or train on the pumptrack. 


Warning: Ride only on marked bike paths! If you do not comply with this rule, a Skiresort staff member is entitled to take away your Bike Pass.


If you feel like improving your riding skills and learn how to cross benches, you should check the new Skills Centrum next to the pumptrack. 


The pumptrack is an oval track with a number of bulges and berms. It is located on flat surface at the end on the ski slopes. While riding on the pumptrack, experienced riders do not need to pedal at all; they move forward by mere “pumping” with hands and legs over the man-made bumps. The track is suitable also for absolute beginners and children. It can be ridden on any bicycle you have.


Length: 2.8km / Vertical distance: 450 m

Start: The starting tower at the top cableway station Innogy Line Svatý Petr. The trail runs through the blue skiing slope and often turns into the forest. It is not too technically demanding; it is more of a freeride track that is fun for a wide spectre of riders. It has numerous berms, dirt and wooden jumps and benches that can be bypassed, and its surface is made of gravel in many sections to make the ride more pleasant.


2.1 km / 450 m

The route that runs below the cableway has been facelifted this year. It has been reconstructed to be easier and rideable for a greater variety of riders. Still, it remains the most difficult route in the Bike Park.

Technically, it is very demanding: it has very difficult sections for experienced riders only. By its rather gnarly character and difficulty, it meets all requirements for races of national and international importance. The track runs over natural and man-made jumps, short wooden bridges, and its surface includes dirt, stones, forest soil with roots and small rock gardens.


A diversion in the top section of the Freeride track leads to a new swaying “flow” section that is very pleasant to ride and will spit you out to the blue ski slope in the end.

1.2 km /130 m

The start of the track is located in the middle of the red freeride track, i.e. below the Hromovka top cableway station where you turn right to get to the Deep Forest trail marked with green colour. This trail is sportive, fun, and is more of a freeride track by its character. Its first third has a number of easy bridges and berms that run into a forest path in a straight passage through a deep forest. The trail was extended by a new section Steep Forest that merges with the final section of the Freeride track.


Length: 7km / 430 m

Start of the Touristic downhill is located next to the top six-seat cableway station Innogy Line Svatý Petr. The track runs on a gravel road that leads onto an asphalt road. The lower part is made of concrete panels and ends at the bottom cableway station. The track offers a pleasant scenic ride suitable for beginners, parents with children and amateur riders.


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Basic information

Location: Skiareál Svatý Petr, Špindlerův Mlýn

GPS: 50°43’29.492″N 15°35’54.348″E

Region: Královéhradecký

Web: www.skiareal.cz

E-mail: skiareal@skiareal.cz

Phone: +420 702 282 706

Length of the route: 13,5 km

Difficulty: Very easy – Difficult

Number of trails: 7

Types of trails: Family trail, Downhill, Enduro/freeride, Pumptrack, Skill centrum

Opening hours

The season usually opens at the end of May based on summer operation of the cableways. It is opened daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, mostly until October.

(Innogy Svatý Petr Cableway runs every half an hour: 9:00 –12:00 AM and 1:00 – 5:00 PM.)