Bike Aréna Vsetín

Bike Aréna Vsetín

Bike Aréna Vsetín

The Vsetín region is a mountain biker’s promised land, which is proven by the presence of the Bike Aréna Vsetín (BAV) located in hills around the town of Vsetín. The Bike Aréna Vsetín is part of a vast Bike Resort Valašsko which also includes Bikepark Kyčerka with a cableway, and natural or slightly modified trails and routes of various difficulty. All of these locations are connected by the Bečva river and the greenway which is built along it. BAV trails provide maximum riding joy to beginners and experienced riders (and all riders in between), but can put their bikes to a test, too. Thanks to various connecting routes, the trails can be easily combined as you like, and absolute beginners can even try to ride only short sections in the lower part of the arena.

Bike Aréna Vsetín is the largest singletrail centre in Eastern Moravia. Really entertaining trails of various difficulty levels can be enjoyed here. Mraznica Trail is often referred to as one of the best trails in Moravia, and rightly so. The beautiful location in Hostýnské vrchy mountain range offers seven trails, each of which is different in its characteristics. The ridge over BAV offers spectacular views of the whole Beskydy and Javorníky mountain ranges.



A rather easy trail, the longest in BAV


Mid difficulty, a fast trail


Medium difficulty, fast sections alternate with sections requiring pedalling


Berms and sweeping character rank this trail among the more difficult ones


A trail that is ideal for beginners


Trail containing the greatest number of medium difficulty features


A black trail for advanced riders

Basic information

Location: Vsetín

GPS: 49°21’35.032″N 17°57’5.191″E

Region: Zlínský



Phone: +420 731 619 011

Length of the route: 9 km

Difficulty: Easy – Moderately difficult

Number of trails: 7

Types of trails: Family trail, Singletrail, Flow trail

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