Singletrail Moravský kras: Jedovnické stezky

Singletrail Moravský kras: Jedovnické stezky

Singletrail Moravský kras: Jedovnické stezky

The signletrail centre in Jedovnice was opened at the beginning of the 2016 season. From the very beginning, it offered three routes (two easier to medium difficulty and one more demanding) and a single climb route, but development plans for the centre are daring indeed!

The location is also famous for being the annual venue of the Velo Test Fest event, in which you can test up to 600 various bicycles in a single day. Singletrail Moravský kras is located in the vicinity of Brno (connection between the city and trail centre by a trail is planned). It is situated on the bank of the Olšovec pond, offers services of a camp and full amenities. It currently offers nearly thirty kilometres of artificially created trails that are not overwhelming by their vertical distance, but famous for their playfulness.

The difficulty is given by rider’s speed – all trails can be ridden even by children, and experienced riders will enjoy jumps, too. Great fun can be enjoyed in the surrounding countryside, too: the hills are laced with paths, and the natural beauty is omnipresent. For example, you can connect on the “Srdcem Jižní Moravy” cycling path and enjoy the heart of South Moravia region. In a few words: the location offers so much entertainment and fun that a weekend will not be enough.


Our trails are fun for both beginners and experienced riders. Come with your family or friends!

CIRCUIT 1 / 10.5 KM

This circuit offers only trail riding so you can expect both calm sections winding among trees and banked turns. The circuit will test your fitness - you will have to ride up three hills. Advanced riders will be exhilarated by three downhills with numerous jumps and banked turns. 
Difficulty: blue / red 

CIRCUIT 2 / 11.5 KM

9.5-kilometre-long trail, 2km hardpack roads - this is what Circuit 2 looks like. When on the crossroads, you only need to hit the Rakovecký section that will be loved by lovers of high speeds, jumps and banked turns. It is easily manageable by beginners, too - just more slowly.
Difficulty: blue / red

CIRCUIT 3 / 6.5 KM

Adrenaline lovers, heads up! This Circuit 3 was built for you! You shall climb to the topmost point of our trails and from there... banked turns and jumps. When riding the Paseky section, you will feel like riding a rollercoaster. If you are not ready for the adrenaline rush, just slow down.
Difficulty: blue / red / black


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Basic information

Location: Autokemp Olšovec, Jedovnice

GPS: 49°19’58.065″N 16°45’54.251″E

Region: Jihomoravský



Phone: +420 731 462 595

Length of the route: 28,5 km

Difficulty: Very easy – Moderately difficult

Number of trails: 3

Types of trails: Family trail, Singletrail, Flow trail, XC trail, Climbing trail

More: Aktuálně sezóna 2023 jede od 25. března 2023. !Pozor na uzavírku na traiul č.1 v Jedovnicích. Sjízdná je poslední červená část.

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